About Yair Cohen

Internet Law Expert Yair Cohen

Internet Law Expert Yair Cohen

I am a social media lawyer and a public speaker.

As a website coder and a lawyer for nearly 16 years, I have been closely witnessing the rapid development of the internet from  both the front and back ends.

I am also a father, fortunate enough to know slightly more than my children about the internet. I enjoy speaking about different aspects of internet law equally with young students and with company executives as both almost always teach me a great deal about their experience with social media and internet law.

My law firm, Cohen Davis, exclusively deals with internet law. Our clients benefit from experienced, balanced and highly effective solutions to internet law related issues. Our goal is to secure a safe online environment for our clients.
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6 thoughts on “About Yair Cohen”

  1. Excellent news Yair. Would be even better if you could do the same with blog sites. It is outrageous that people behave in such an abusive manner on the internet. Facebook is an enormous community with little or no control over this sort of thing which is proving disastrous. Its about time Mr. Zuckerberg made a concerted effort to stop sweeping this issue under the carpet and to start being responsible and pro active about it instead.

    • Hi, I tell you what. This is not a facebook issue. The real issue is completely political. There is a strong liberal tendency to believe that ‘freedom of speech’ is king, more in the USA than here, in Britain. I do believe however that there will come a time where the political and judicial establishments in the USA will recognise the fact that ‘dignity’ is the most precious human right that we all crave for. ‘Freedom of speech’ is an important human right but is not as important to us as ‘dignity’. The freedom to tarnish people’s reputation in the name of ‘freedom of speech’ is not really a good deal for the people of this world and at one point, I believe people will demand back their right to protect their reputation even if it means that this will result in some limitations to the right to free speech.
      Yair Cohen

      • lol Yair. Tell me about it! I moderate a pretty active political debate site on FB. Freedom of Speech is so often bandied about it has completely lost its meaning altogether. Freedom of Speech should refer back to the days of the orange crate in Hyde Park when people who were passionate about their beliefs could stand there and speak freely. This did NOT mean that they could abuse people freely. I hope, like you, that our dignity will be given back to us, along with our privacy. But when one reads that some chap in India is selling people’s personal account details for just 24p per person, it doesn’t show much value in these two things does it? Most depressing. I attended the CEOPS Out of the Shadows Conference in London in April and I do believe that there are movements afoot to make cyberstalking a criminal offence and as a victim, I have been kept up to date on these movements. However, as with all things to do with defamation, the cog is big and takes a looong time to turn.
        Cyber crime on the other hand will affect all of us at some point and I am not convinced that any single authority will take responsibility. I think that as we have firewall security and anti virus software programs, a software approach to this problem is probably the most apt – it will then be up to individuals to quite literally put a price on their privacy and their dignity.

  2. Auntie Pestilience said:

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