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“How would you like to have me – a qualified internet law solicitor – sitting in your office, waiting, “on call”, to leap to attention and give you my very best internet law advice, answer, or strategy any minute you need it, day or night?”

The problem: how to access important, good quality, up-to-date and free advice on online reputation management of your business when you need it.

The answer: A dedicated Internet Law Google search engine.

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Here’s just a tiny sampling of the gems to be found in the dedicated internet law search engine:

1. I am a victim of online defamation – do I need an injunction?

2. What do I need to do to make my business compliant with recent changes in social media?

3. Why some bad reviews appear so high in search results?

2. The reason why I should not click on links to defamatory search results

3. What are the 5 most essential steps I need to follow when I face internet defamation against my business?

4. What are the dangers to my business in obtaining injunctions to stop online defamation?

5. What are the new laws about internet trolling and why are they relevant to my business?

6. Can a business be bullied online?

7. What type of court orders are best to avoid?

8. How can a website still be visible many years after it was deleted and how does this affect the way I should approach internet defamation?

9. How can I reduce the chances of defamation being committed by my employees?

10. What is the first thing that I need to do when an employee steals my customer list?

11. What sort of language and tone is best do use when responding to a derogatory online review?

12. The truth about removing defamatory webpages with SEO.

13. How to go about removing defamatory articles from complaints websites.

14. What is the very first thing I need to do if I find my business listed on a complaint’s website?

15. How do I find out who owns my company’s domain name?

16. What are the essentials of an effective corporate reputation crisis management strategy? – a blue print.

17. The three most important foundations of every cease and desist letter

18. Can Google be sued for displaying defamatory search results?

19. Is it possible for a listed company to sue a shareholder for defamation?

20. Why is it important to obtain disclosure orders against Go daddy from one particular court that is based in Arizona?

21. Is it worth suing a poser of defamation who uses investor’s forums to defame a listed company?

22. What exactly is a Google Bomb and how do I defuse it?

23. How can I tell if I am about to become the victim of an online reputation attack before the attack occurs?

24. What is the best method to respond to a defamation cease and desist letter?

25. What is the relationship between online reputation management and the use of social media?

26. I am a victim of defamation on the internet. Any advice?

27. Is a forum host liable for defamation that is being posted by the users?

28. Chat websites and blackmail – how not to become victim

29. What is the difference between a defamation lawyer and a social media lawyer?

search engine for internet law and social media articles

Search engine for internet law articles

The above is just a small sample of the questions you can ask me at any time, day or night.

Click here to immediately find an answer to your Internet Law question!