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A powerful Google bomb does not necessarily need to be driven by an equally powerful force of bloggers and posters.

A Google Bomb, at its most effective and long-lasting form can sometimes be created from someone’s back room and provided the Google Bomb is sufficiently targeted, it can still cause enormous amounts of damage to its unsuspected victim. A simple form of a Google Bomb, or of a Mini Google Bomb can easily be created as in the example below:

Warning!!! Please don’t repeat at home.

A successful business consultant from Surrey, let’s call him John Smith and his wife Sandra Smith went through an acrimonious divorce, which left Sandra bitter to the extreme.

During the divorce, Sandra was not able to afford the same quality of legal representation as her husband, John which resulted in a poor legal settlement for her and for her children.

But once the divorce was over she took her case right to the ‘people’s court’, the internet where she ‘represented’ herself in front of many of John’s personal and business contacts.

Sandra went through a copy of John’s contact book and then sent each person on the contact list the following email:

Hi, this is about John Smith. I want you to do me a big favour and have a look at this information for me. This is really important.

Important information about John Smith – a liar


By Yair Cohen